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GitHub Install Button

GitHub "Install" button allows visitors of your GitHub page to build and install your demo application directly from web browser. It makes your GitHub project more attractive to prospective maintainers and developers who are using your project to build theirs own iOS applications.

We offer it absolutely free to use, but remember to save original link to our website.

How it works

Look how it works for example GitHub project "QuickDialog". QuickDialog allows you to create HIG-compliant iOS forms for your apps without having to directly deal with UITableViews, delegates and data sources. Fast and efficient, you can create forms with multiple text fields, or with thousands of items with no sweat!

To add such button into your own GitHub project page follow please steps below:

  1. Paste your Git URL path to repo into this form
  2. Copy and paste obtained button code into your GitHub file as is and commit it
  3. Direct your browser to your GitHub project page to see if it's successfully integrated
  4. Tell about your project updates on Twitter, Google Plus or another social networks

Now you're ready to jump in. If any problems appearing, feel free to leave e-mail for us. We are absolutely accesible near 24 hours a day.

Proceed to set up Install button
send us email for any suggestions